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Ivan op 09-03-2014 12:30:07
Hi Trekcapri --It is indeed a very cool open air musuem. And re the glimpse of me -- it's similar to your Photo Hunt photo for last week, right? ;bAnd I'm glad you always enjoy seeing Puppet Ponyo. Trust that pictures of her bring a smile to your face.
Yuka op 10-03-2014 00:40:01
Hi YTSL, this is a very cool open air museum. Nice to catch a <a href="http://ggjobjasip.com">glspmie</a> of you too. :) The 19th century sculpture is very striking. And of course I always enjoy seeing Puppet Ponyo. Thanks so much
Lucas op 10-03-2014 19:56:36
Toward end of each month I try to visit some new blogs or ones that isn't on my coffee pal list...I came over from ytsl ...I beivlee Vermont would be one of the state I would like to see. You got an awsome picture of the Emperor Snapper just love the e
Seven op 11-03-2014 02:00:54
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Camila op 12-03-2014 08:38:55
Hi sbk --While all those railings might get one thkining so, I only saw one person in that area -- and he clearly looked like he had strayed off trail; so much so, in fact, that lots of other folks were staring as much at him as the ruin itself! :D(And ye
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